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The Title Article : Resistance Retribution PSP

Resistance Retribution PSP

GAME NAME: Resistance Retribution
RELEASE DATE: March 17, 2009
GENRE: Shooter, Third-Person, Action, Adventure, Hot Game
VIDEO GAME: Link Youtube
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A new chapter in the epic PlayStation 3 franchise, Resistance: Retribution takes on a third-person perspective in the ongoing fight with the Chimera. Set in the weeks after Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance: Retribution follows the story of former British Marine James Grayson. After a personal tragedy -- he is forced to kill his own brother inside a Chimeran conversion center – Grayson goes on a vendetta to destroy every conversion center he can find. Eventually Grayson learns that his efforts have been futile ... in Western Europe the Chimera have evolved a new method of converting humans to aliens. The European resistance -- the Maquis -- enlist Grayson's help, and he joins Cartwright and Parker in Operation Overstrike. The war to retake the European continent has begun.

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