World Snooker Challenge 2007 [EUR]

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The Title Article : World Snooker Challenge 2007 [EUR]

World Snooker Challenge 2007 [EUR]

World Snooker Challenge 2007 [EUR]
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With 104 real-world snooker stars, 20 officially endorsed tournaments, five different championships and more; the world champion of snooker games is back.Test your skill in an unprecedented array of new game modes. Compete in trickshot tournaments for the very first time, or take on more than 20 of the world’s greatest Pool players in all-new recreations of the world’s highest-profile Pool tournaments.And if the massive compliment of tournaments isn’t enough for you and your friends, take on the unique challenge of Golden Cue mode, taking on the testing challenge of snooker and pool frames in one match.The new positional play feature lets you to take control of the cue ball like never before, allowing you to build bigger breaks and perfect your safety shots.Graphically stunning and technically unsurpassed, World Snooker Championship 2007 is the most complete ball-on-baize simulation ever created. 104 of the world’s best snooker and pool players recreated in the game in exceptional detail – from the way they look to the way they play. 20 officially endorsed snooker and pool tournaments realised in spectacular detail, including the World Snooker Championship, Masters and all the leading tournaments throughout the world. Four new Championship modes now give you five unique championship challenges, including Snooker, Pool (9-Ball and 8-Ball), Hybrid Season (take on a mix of snooker and pool tournaments in the same season), Trickshots and the Golden Cue. New positioning play feature – Now you can position the cue ball with greater accuracy, helping to set up your next shot like never before. Trickshot Championship – Compete in a Trickshot Championship for the first time in the series; show off your skills with a host of tricks. Golden Cue – Take advantage of the variety of game modes in WSC 2007 by combining frames of snooker, 9-ball, 8-ball and more. The mode mirrors an exciting initiative within the real-world cue sports community that governing bodies are looking to set up in reality. On The Pool Circuit Pool Championship Licenses -Experience the full Pool Championship mode (both 8-Ball and 9-Ball) and take on 24 of the world’s leading stars in 10 officially endorsed tournaments, including the World Pool Championships, Mosconi Cup and World Cu

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