Sudoku Coach [EUR]

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The Title Article : Sudoku Coach [EUR]

Sudoku Coach [EUR]

Sudoku Coach [EUR]
Educational, Puzzle
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Channel 4 Countdown presenter and best selling author Carol Vorderman presents this version of the addictive and challenging puzzle craze that has swept the globe. Sudoku challenges you to fill in the missing numbers in a 9×9 grid. It’s a game of reasoning, that doesn’t require calculating or special math skills – but instead focuses on concentration and brain power. Let Carol take you step-by-step via live action video explaining the methods of Sudoku and revealing her handy hints so that you too can become a Sudoku master. If you feel you’ve mastered the methods of Sudoku then the game will allow you to lay down the gauntlet and challenge her to the ultimate Sudoku showdown. Also features are multiplayer gaming and several different modes of play. 2 player Mode Over 1 million unique puzzles 4 difficulty levels Over 30 minutes of high quality video featuring Carol Vorderman Step-by-step tutorial for beginners Hits and tips for advanced players Intuitive easy interface Customisable assist functions “Ask Carol” puzzle solver Multiple game modes, including Classic, Career mode, Challenge Carol, and Arcade mode

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