Shrek Smash N’ Crash Racing [USA]

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The Title Article : Shrek Smash N’ Crash Racing [USA]

Shrek Smash N’ Crash Racing [USA]

Shrek Smash N’ Crash Racing [USA]
Animation, Racing
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Smash n’ Crash through the Shrek universe atop a mount with a personality all its own! Play as your favorite Shrek character and pit your skills against an assortment of twisted fairy-tale opponents. Grab your mount and bump, crash and slide your way across 12 fairy-tale locations. If you fall behind, don’t worry – use magical pick-ups to even the odds or battle your way back by knocking your opponents off their mounts. Beat your friends to the finish line in this fun and funny smash & crash twisted fairy-tale adventure! Your Favorite Characters – Play as Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss N’ Boots, or eight other characters from the Shrek universe Unique Rides – Race around on comical vehicles such as Puss N’ Boots’ bull, Humpty Dumpty’s egg cup and Gingy’s cupcake! Twelve Fairy-Tale Locations – Shrek’s Swamp, Far Far Away, Dragon’s Castle, Fairy Godmother’s Factory and more! Wide Variety of Tracks – Featuring log swings, windmills, moving gates, draw bridges and other gauntlets that will test your racing skills Magical Pick-Ups – Including pixie dust, ogre strength and swamp gas that will boost your speed and strength, and thwart your opponents’ progress Use Comical Melee Weapons – Such as Donkey’s microphone and Pinocchio’s nose to battle twisted fairy-tale opponents including Fairy Godmother’s factory workers, knights, spiders, trolls and more! Multiple Game Modes – Tournament Mode, Cup Challenge, Quick Race, Time Trial and Battle Mode Multiplayer – Pit your skills against the game’s advanced AI, or enjoy the challenge of schooling your friends in multiplayer, split-screen action Twisted Humor – Laugh out loud at twisted commentary from the cast of way-out characters

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