Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes [JPN]

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The Title Article : Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes [JPN]

Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes [JPN]

Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes [JPN]
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The Sengoku warriors are back in the newest fighting game in the Sengoku Basara series. Not only are the characters present but their handy fighting skills, binding attacks and sengoku drive are available. It provides challenge that veterans would love and tutorials that beginners can enjoy. 180 storylines are available along with 150 missions to complete. You can set attributes to your player character as well as that of the CPU’s character when you engage in free battles. Customize it to fit your skills, tastes, or moods. All 30 warriors have their own stories and scenarios, even the ones who took minor roles in the previous installments have their own tales and fully voiced dialog that fans simply could not miss. Aside from portability, another useful function of the PSP is utilized. Join up in your circle of like minded friends or get to know new ones through the game and fight them through the ad hoc networking mode.

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