Petz Dogz Family [USA]

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The Title Article : Petz Dogz Family [USA]

Petz Dogz Family [USA]

Petz Dogz Family [USA]
Virtual Pet
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There’s a whole family of dogs you can adopt and love! Take care of them, discover their unique personalities, and teach them fun tricks! Choose from favorite breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labradors in this downloadable entry in the Petz franchise made exclusively for doggie people. In Petz Dogz Pack you can. Adopt your favorite pet from some of the most well-known breeds. Watch your pet grow in three stages: baby, child and adult. Experiment with breeding to create unique pets that fit your personality. Impact your pet’s relationships with others by the way you decide to raise your pet. Up to three pets can play together for you to watch — the way they interact with each other depends on the player. Unlock more than 75 items of clothing and accessories to dress up your pet. Unlock new toys that your pets can use when playing with you or with each other. Unlock new environments such as the beach or a snow field. Pass the obstacle course at the park and unlock more items. Pets look more realistic than ever. Watch your pets interact in realistic-looking environments. Crossbreed your friend’s pet and your pet.

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