TNA Impact Cross The Line [USA]

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TNA Impact Cross The Line [USA]

TNA Impact Cross The Line USA
Jun 29, 2010
Action, Third-Person, Fighting
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Once, you were Suicide, the fastest rising star of the TNA iMPACT wrestling scene. You blew through some of the fiercest opponents; taking down AJ Styles, devastating Robert Roode, and destroying Booker T. But then... everything changed. The politics behind the ring got heated, and not in your favor. When you finally claimed the title, someone came for you. And now you're here. You've woken up in what appears to be a rundown hospital in Mexico, and you can't remember a thing; your name, what you do, and certainly not why you're here. Lost in a land that is not your own, you need to get back to America. You hear talk of a local wrestling match where the winner goes on to wrestle at a nearby American Air Force base. This is the best shot you've got at getting home. But once you're in the ring, something strange happens. Your body seems to remember what your mind cannot. Punches, grapples, throws, and stomps all come naturally, as if you were a seasoned professional... This is where your journey begins. Find your way home, remember who you were, and claim what was rightfully yours.

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